It’s been a while. After a long needed break, I have decided to bring back Lilibutterfly but with a difference. For a few years, I didn’t think it was getting anywhere and I decided to wrap it up and forget it never existed. But then, in 2019 I fell pregnant with my second child and I felt Lilibutterfly deserved a second chance, but I wanted to go in a different direction. Don’t get me wrong, I loved making blankets and little toys but the unreasonable requests and negativity of certain individuals had discouraged me and admittedly, I wasn’t putting as much effort into creating new products anymore as it felt like it was pointless… So I took a break.

I had also given up on getting pregnant. It has been seven years and I thought that if it hasn’t had happened by now, it wouldn’t. So I got rid of all the baby stuff I had kept just in case and what do you know?! It happened. That when I thought that after trying so hard for so long then just not trying anymore I could have another baby, then maybe, just maybe if I stopped trying so hard with Lilibutterfly, it could be born again.

So I started doing something I hadn’t done for a long time. I started drawing. Nothing difficult or worth putting in an art gallery. Just drawing doodles and other little things. Then I thought, maybe I should put those drawings into a book so my kids can look at them. Why not? Even share this book with others? Why not? No matter what happens next, I know my kids will have something special to cherish and maybe pass on to their kids one day.

So, here we are. Back at Lilibutterfly, where I will display my book and see if the world wants to read it. You never know, it could lead to something amazing!

Rachel The story so far...

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